Personal Trainer in the Gosforth and Newcastle area 

About Me

I've been involved in the fitness industry for 7 years both in the UK and Australia. What I bring my clients are easy to understand, effective and safe exercise plans personalised to their needs which will bring results in the shortest most efficient time possible.

I started personal training because I loved what fitness did for me. It changed my life and made me change my career so I can help others. Along the way I've made all the mistakes, wasted my time and money so you don't have to do the same. The fitness industry is a minefield of misinformation, inaccuracy and fads to try and extract as much money out of you and send you round in circles. I'll show you how easy it really is and the simple steps you need to follow to get to where you want to be. 

I work from my personal training studio just off Gosforth High street in Newcastle. For more information on the studio see

For information on our female personal trainer Katie see

For a FREE consultation please use the contact me form.

We can use this session to discuss what you want to achieve, establish a starting point and make a plan 

I can help you:

  • Get started

  • Make a plan

  • Lose body fat

  • Build muscle

  • Strength training

  • HIIT / Cardio

  • Core / Abs

  • Stretching / flexibility

  • Nutrition advice and planning

  • Calories, protein, carbs, fats and what to do with them to reach your goals



I started training with Joe after five years of not exercising at all. Within three months I have lost nearly four inches off my waist, my posture is back in good shape and my muscle definition is already showing. The money I have saved on unhealthy food and drink pays for my training! Great results so far. Thank you 


I have trained with Joe for some time at his previous place of work and he continues to be a wonderful trainer, patient, thoughtful and encouraging and I'm very happy for him and wish him all the best in his new business.

I have been training with Joe for about 3 months now, the sessions are fun and Joe keeps pushing you to get more out of you. Pleased with the results I have had so far. Always very flexible and patient , ready to accommodate my last minute changes and as a busy working mum of two there have been quite a few. Highly recommended



Looking back, I can't quite believe how much progress I've made since I started training with Joe. He understands his clients capabilities and when I've been lacking in self confidence he's pushed me forward. I'm lifting so much heavier than I ever thought I would and can really see the difference in my muscle tone.


Joe is a great personal trainer. His sessions are fun while always pushing you to achieve more than you would think possible on your own. Would highly recommend.


Personal Training

  • 60 minute sessions

  • Private studio of just 4 personal trainers - Hidden Strength

  • No gym membership fee

  • Personalised training plan to fit your goals and schedule

  • Progression

  • Nutrition/supplement advice

  • Free consultation

  • Train with a friend

  • Contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation


  • 1 hour long session pay as you go: £40

  • 10 hour long session block book: £350


Contact Me

Free consultation available

Joe Couley, Hidden Strength, Lansdowne Court, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1HR, 07542 910 177

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